Filament Labs hopes its algorithms turn healthcare into a full-service business


Tens of thousands of people have fitness trackers of some sort. Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo recently purchased 11,000 Jawbone Ups for the company’s staff. Data from IHS iSuppli estimates that a total of 250 million performance monitors will ship from the beginning of 2013 through the end of 2017. That number includes heart rate monitors, running computers, outdoor pursuits computers, cycling computers, activity monitors, and pedometers.

But aside from monitoring their steps, what are those people actually doing with the data those devices give off? Where will all the data go? How can we change the nation’s overall health (or the world’s for that matter) with connected devices? An Austin, Texas startup called Filament Labs wants to answer those questions. It does so by providing an app built on your existing health data that offers recommendations to actually make you healthier. And because they’re aware that the healthiest…

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