30 Things I Am Thankful For

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Throughout the 30 days of November, #PSThankfulfor, KPCC and NPR’s Public Square community project, featured countless artistic takes on the many persons, places and things in peoples’ lives they are thankful for.

I realize November may be over and gone, but today I am here to present 30 not so glamorous parts of my life I am thankful for. These items aren’t the kind that are shared around the table during Thanksgiving dinner, nor are they pretty enough to plaster on Instagram, not even with ample cropping, a border, or some Lo-Fi or Sierra filtering.

These are the parts of me, myself and my life that are difficult to verbalize and articulate at times, but have shaped my being and my human experience far more than the lighter more pleasant and picturesque moments have. And for that in itself, I am thankful.

1. I am thankful for all the things…

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Being the last time I will be able to call Purdue my home, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the past four years, on all the amazing memories I’ve made, the friends I’ve gained and some that I’ve lost, and the hard work I’ve put into getting my degree. This year I have thought of it frequently. I have been struck these past few weeks by how little time we want to put into others. We are deeply sunken into an era of self. Self help, self-improvement, self-enlightenment. We are disillusioned trying to fine meaning and joy in ourselves. Viewing what we want and need or can accomplish as more important than our relationships.

I know resolutions are made for a new year, but what if we created resolutions for the school year? What if this year we focused more on others?  What if we tried to be better listeners, putting our iPhones away when a living-breathing friend is there with us? What if, like a story, we were willing to share our valuable times and experiences with someone new? 

Here are some of my resolutions:

BE PRESENT. I want to not be on my phone 24/7 as hard as that may be.

SHARE MY TIME. As easy as it is to get caught up with our many many responsibilities, its these years of our lives that we will cherish for years to come. I hope to be less selfish with my time. Making quality time with my friends a priority. And even though I call my mother every day, I promise to thoughtfully respond and actually read all your emails (I know your reading this mommy… =]). 

GIVE PEOPLE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. You can never really know someone till you walk a mile in his or her shoes. As hard as it is to trust someone I truly believe that people are generally good. So lets cut down on the maliciousness and judgment.

WARM UP. This is my final goal. I am not sure if I should blame school, my job, my experiences, or just my brain, but somehow I have seen and felt myself turning cold. I am quick to pull away and I have defensively worked hard to not let go. I want to try to melt my chilly heart, just a tad, and make more room for loving and feeling. We’ll see =]


So there it is, as difficult as it is to publicize.

What are your goals for the coming year? What are your priorities?