Why Go Vegetarian ?


Coming from a family of mostly vegetarians being vegetarian as a child came naturally. I constantly get asked why it is that I am vegetarian and have never answered with anything more elaborate than, “because I was raised that way”. Here are some of my actual reasons why.

  1. it takes 14 times as much grain to feed an animal than what you get out of it in meat — an enormous waste of resources. World hunger issues anyone?
  2. Plant protein is just as good if not better than animal protein. If plant foods were really so inferior, then how did cows, pigs, and chickens who eat nothing but grains and other plants get their protein? Wasn’t it odd that we were eating farm animals for protein, and they were eating nothing but plants?
  3. You save animals. Ten billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption each year. And, unlike the farms of yesteryear where animals roamed freely, today most animals are factory farmed: —crammed into cages where they can barely move and fed a diet tainted with pesticides and antibiotics. These animals spend their entire lives in crates or stalls so small that they can’’t even turn around.
  4. You save money. Whether its dining out or grocery shopping, on average its always cheaper eating green.
  5. Lead a healthier lifestyle. If you want to get healthy, you start with the food that you eat!

I am not trying to convert anyone to vegetarianism, just trying to educate and make aware some of the issues that surround animal cruelty. Be aware of where your meat comes from, buy grass fed, and free range !


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