Personal Relationships Are An Accomplishment

An excerpt from CHELSEA FAGAN ‘s article on though catalogue that hit a soft spot:

“It’s easy to take loved ones for granted, in every sense of the word. I used to think that keeping close the same best friend for 14 years, or having a great long-term relationship, were just the normal things that happened to people. And true, some people do have these things. But a lot of people don’t, and no one is owed these things. Every day it’s a choice to stay together, to go visit each other, to make a phone call, to reach out and strengthen that bond. It’s an accomplishment on both sides, something to be proud of and cherish, and something that you should work on frequently. Nothing is better for personal confidence than having a team of people on your side — on whose side you are on, too — who knows who you are and loves you because of it.”

It really is a crazy time in our lives, and with best friends scattered all around the world, its tough to keep in touch. With the pressure of our careers and futures we tend to forget how much these people matter. But, that little bit of extra effort to rekindle with a friend goes a long way! I love all my friends and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!















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