Fear of Change

Fear is an interesting emotion. I was originally going to say useless, however I quickly deleted that, as it is not necessarily true. Fear can actually be quite useful when we are in survival/fight or flight mode. However, it does begin to become useless when we start applying it to everything in our life.

When making an important change, fear is usually one of the biggest factors affecting our ability to move forward. Once we have come to the realization that we need to make a change in our life and make decisions, fear comes bounding in and starts planting every possible doubt that could ever exist as to why you shouldn’t. Never mind the fear that is projected towards you from other people when they find out about your desired changes. I could probably write a full blog post on that one (or a book for that matter) but lets suffice it to say that other people’s fears amazingly fall into the equation on this one. So on top of your own doubts to deal with you have everyone else’s too.

This is why I call this stage The Precipice. Making The Decision has planted you on the very edge of a precipice, everything familiar and “secure” is behind you and in front of you is a massive drop off, with no idea of what lies below or what lies in the vast wild blue yonder ahead of it. This is one of the most frightening places to be along our journey. Why? Because we are standing there alone. There is no one to provide a safety net, or catch us if we fall. It is up to us. And we have no idea if we are about to fall into the vast abyss waiting below or sprout wings and fly.

So what is it that drives us off this cliff? That prompts us to take our hearts and hopes in our hands and leap? I am sure there are a great number of things, but in my personal experience the following have been the most prominent:

1) Faith: By the word faith I am talking about it in the purest sense: trusting that things will work out. Trusting completely that once we walk off that precipice we will grow wings and fly. It takes a lot of courage but when we listen to our intuition, that little gut instinct, we know that we will always be guided in the right direction.

2) Valuing and Honoring Ourselves: We deserve to have the best in life. Therefore staying in a situation that stagnates us is essentially a dishonour to ourselves and a poor example to others. By making decisions that we know are what is best for us and that honour who we are we begin the motion of attracting what is actually best for us into our lives. Imagine that.

3) A Solid Connection to the Inner You: I believe that this is THE most important aspect of pushing past fear. It is what guides you when you have nothing else to hang onto. When you have a solid connection with yourself, you will always know what is best and what it is that you want. It is the voice that tells you that the path behind you is no longer an option if you want to live out your dreams. That solid understanding can move mountains and create miracles. It is the energy that begins to drive change and bring you what you need. It is very difficult initiating change when you do not essentially know what you want. Creating and maintaining this connection to yourself is what will bring you that knowledge.

So take a leap of faith and trust that you are capable of much more than you believe =]


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