Wake up to the day, and life, with inspiration via Bryan Franklin:

“I want you to imagine a version of yourself that has no shame.

That doesn’t have anything to prove. That’s already proved everything. That’s gotten the validation from all the people you’ve ever wanted it from. Declare yourself the winner of any game you could think of playing. No one doubts you anymore. Least of all you.

Imagine there’s nothing to hide. That you’ve already revealed every secret you could possibly have. Everything you can think of that you are subtly and not so subtly hiding every day. All of that has already been revealed.

And imagine there’s nothing to lose. Either because you’ve already lost it anyway or because anything you could possibly lose isn’t real.

And then ask the question, “What do you want?”

In that state, “What do you want?” Now if that question doesn’t freak you out then you aren’t really asking honestly.

Every minute you spend doing anything that isn’t moving towards the answer to that question is simply a waste of your life.


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